We will cater for parties starting from 10 people


We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee breaks and snacks to take along with you when you go hiking.

The meals we prepare are made of finest quality ingredients. We also prefer to use the produce of local farmers.

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Breakfast 10.00€/person

Porridge, jam, sandwich toppings, coffee, tea, lemon water

breakfast cereal and crunchy muesli with milk and yogurt

sunny side up eggs with baked frankfurters

selection of fruit, juice, lemon water




Cream cheese ham rolls 1.20€/50g

Stuffed eggs 1.50€/2pc

Small cutlets with horseradish sauce 2.10€/100g

Marinated white fish fillet 3.10€/100g

Small schnitzels with vegetable marinade 3.90€/100g

Toothpick appetisers: meatballs with cherry tomatoes 2.00€/85g

Tortilla rollups with ham 1.80€/50g

Ham, pineapple and blue cheese pie 3.70€/120g

Small salty bun 0.80€/tk

Small sweet bun 0.80€/tk

Mini sandwich appetisers 2.10€/70g

Fried cheese snacks 2.10€/50g 

Battered fish 2.10€/50g 

Batter-fried chicken 2.10€/50g 

Mini whitebread snack with ham and hazelnut mousse 1.50€/25g

Trout appetizer with cucumber 2.40€/50g

Garlic bread with sour cream and mayonnaise dip 1.50€/125g

Pickled cucumber 0.90€/75g


Fruit platter 6.50€/350g

Cheese platter 13.50€/350g

Cheese and fruit platter 12.00€/350g

Vegetables with dip 6.50€/500g

Herring fillet with sour cream and boiled eggs 7.70€/400g


Macaroni-smoked sausage salad 2.10€/100g

Rice salad with tuna 2.10€/100g

Rice salad with surimi 2.10€/100g

Traditional potato salad 2.10€/100g

Rosolje (beet salad) 2.10€/100g

Herring-cottage cheese salad 2.10€/100g

Fresh salad / fresh salad with feta 3.90€/5.50€ /100g

Light salad with smoked chicken 6.00€/100g


Clear fish soup 3.90€

Solyanka 3.90€

Vegetable soup with meat/without meat 3.50€/2.75€

Borsch 3.90€

Mini meatball soup 3.50€

Vegetable soup with mince 3.50€

Filling pea soup 3.50€

* The price includes bread and a glass of berry juice drink per person


Pasta dishes*

Pennes with chicken and vegetable sauce 7.00€

Spaghetti Bolognese 7.00€

Classical lasagne 7.00€

Vegetable pasta 6.00€

* The price includes bread and a glass of berry juice drink per person


Main courses*

Pork schnitzel 8.00€

Rolled pork 8.00€

Stove pork sashlik 8.50€

Traditional pork cutlet 9.90€

Goulash 6.50€

Kurzeme stroganoff 6.50€

Mince cutlet 6.50€

Baked chicken thigh with rice 6.90€

Chicken schnitzel 8.00€

Chicken stew with mashed potatoes/rice 6.90€

Risotto (chicken, pork or shrimps) 7.90€

Baked salmon/trout with lemon and dill butter 11.50€

Alaska pollock fillet with pineapple and onion coating 9.50€

* The price includes bread and a glass of berry juice drink per person


Oven baked apples with ice cream 3.50€

Traditional kama (flour mixture) dessert 3.50€

Strawberry soup with curd mousse 3.50€

Layered curd cream 3.50€

Pancakes with jam 3.50€

Caramel kissel with jam 3.50€

Biscuit cake 4.00€

Curd-crumble pie with jam 3.50€

Kringle with filling 3.00€

* You can also pre-order various types of cakes according to your taste

Coffee break menu

Small coffee break 3.90€

Coffee, tea, lemon water, salty and sweet biscuits

Healthy coffee break 4.10€

Coffee, tea, lemon water, vegetables with dip or a selection of fruit

Coffee break with baked rolls 5.00€

Coffee, tea, lemon water, salty and sweet fresh-baked rolls

Hearty coffee break 6.50€

Coffee, tea, lemon water, salty and sweet biscuits, fruit selection

Hiking meal

Hiking meal 7.90€

A soup of your choice*, sour cream, bread, berry juice drink, lemon water, sweet baked roll, fruit

*(meatball, pea, borsch or solyanka)


Non-alcoholic drinks

Non-alcoholic beer 3.50€/0,33L

Non-alcoholic cider 3.50€/0,33L

Please contact us via e-mail for a list of liquor available

Coffee in thermos 25.00€/6L

Coffee in thermos 16.00€/3L

Coffee in thermos 9.00€/1,5L

A cup of coffee 1.50€/100ml

Tee (selection of teabags) 1.50€/200ml

Juice (a selection of flavours) 1.90€/200ml

Milk 0.80€/200ml

Kefir 0.80€/200ml

Berry juice drink, lemon water 0.90€/200ml

Pitcher of beery juice drink/lemon water 1.50€


Beer 3.50€/0,33L

Cider 4.90 € /0,33L

* Please contact us for an additional liquor menu

The group menu is offered to groups starting from 10 people.