Weddings at Taevaskoja


In order for your wedding to go just as you and your loved one have planned, it is very important to go over all the details with the help of a good team.  If you have a dream of having your wedding at Taevaskoja, we would love to help you make this desire real with our extensive experience built up over the years.

Some helpful advice


You should start planning the wedding a year or at least 6 months before the big event.  One of the first decisions you should make is how many people you intend to invite to the celebration.  The next step should be choosing and booking the wedding venue.

The Taevaskoja Holiday Centre has been mostly favoured by weddings with 20-55 guests.  If you like what you have read about us so far and your planned number of guests fits the aforementioned bracket, we insist you come and visit us before making the final decision ‒ after all, the place has to feel right for the two of you.


Other decisions and bookings that have to be made early are the wedding host, photographer, florist, musicians and of course – the wedding cake! You also shouldn’t forget to order or make the wedding invitations, place cards and other small details and to arrange the fireworks.

Over the years we have found trustworthy partners in all these areas and we would be happy to share our experiences and contacts.  We will assist in every possible way to help you arrange a wedding that is well thought-out and tasteful.

The unique advantages of the Taevaskoja Holiday Centre



We are located a mere 700 m from the Suur Taevaskoja sandstone cliff. Which means a champagne table and the marriage ceremony can be held right there.


What should the budget be?


The wedding budget is mostly dependant on the couple’s wishes. Besides the services we offer – accommodation, catering and a decorated hall – we can also help you find a wedding host, musicians and a florist.
The best way to set a budget is to describe your wishes and expectations to us and we will put together an offer matching your requests.  But we can also make an offer that fits a set budget you have presented.

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We offer a wide selection of additional services

ruumide rent

…which means we can help you find a party host, band, dj and all the necessary equipment. The Taevaskoja Holiday Centre has worked with the popular musician Helen Adamson and bands such as Alkeemikud (Margus Vaher), Heino Tartes and Friends, Anna Minna, K.O.I. and many others.

We can recommend musicians who have traditional party favourites in their repertoire, as well as rock, blues or reggae bands. DJ Janek Tennossaar will entertain the guests with timeless hits from various eras.

If you are planning something truly unique, our partner from a creative agency will help you come up with a fascinating concept and put together all the finer details: the invitations, placards, prints and everything else.

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