Just 700 m from the Suur Taevaskoda sandstone cliff


The Suur Taevaskoda (Large Heaven’s Hall) is considered one of the most popular natural sights in Estonia. The Väike Taevaskoja (Small Heaven’s Hall) sandstone cliff is also located only a brief walk away.

The Taevaskoja holiday centre is surrounded by nearly 40 kilometres of hiking trails maintained by the State Forest Management Centre (RMK).  In the wintertime you can enjoy skiing on quality trails, which are over 10 kilometres long.

Many scenes for the Estonian cult classic “Viimne Reliikvia” (The Last Relic) were filmed around here.  Over the years, many fascinating folk tales and legends about the sandstone cliffs, boulders and other objects in Taevaskoja have been created.

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Taevaskoja holiday centre houses up to 400 kind-hearted people

puhkekeskusThe Taevaskoja Holiday Centre has two accommodation buildings and a lot of outdoor space for activities.  Our seminar house is the newer of the two and has room for up to 28 people. The camp building is a bit older and more basic. It houses up to 56 people.

Both of the houses have been renovated in 2016 and the whole of the camp house has been redecorated.

In the big hall of the seminar house you can hold an event for 20-70 people. In summertime we have even hosted groups of up to 400 people, accommodating them in big outdoor tents.

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