A guided walking tour is the best way to see the sights in Taevaskoja


The guided tour is 4 kilometres long and takes about two hours in general. The pace is very relaxed and is suitable for all healthy people of all ages, regardless of their fitness levels. Many breaks will be made along the way, during which the guide will tell you all sorts of interesting facts and stories about the history of Taevaskoja, its sandstone cliffs, the nature, nature protection and hiking.

The route will take you through Saesaare, past the Neitsikoobas and the Suur and Väike Taevaskoda.  Filming locations of the cult film “Viimne Reliikvia” (The Last Relic) will also be along the way. You will experience the magnificent sight from the top of the Suur Taevaskoda, see the beautiful sandstone cliffs, the Kimera primeval valley, the Saesaare hydroelectric power plant and much more.

What is the price for a walk in the forest?


Walking along the nature trails in Taevaskoja is of course, completely free. However, you can book a guided tour from us.

The price of a guided tour is 10€ for adults and 8€ for students.

Minimum group size is 10 people. For groups of 35 people and more we offer very tempting discounts!
Tutvu hinnakirjaga

The guided tour sets off from the Taevaskoja Holiday Centre and completes at the same location. The guide will be with the group for the entire duration of the tour.

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It is possible to get Hiking meal on the Go.fotojaht

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