An exciting balancing act in fresh air



Box climbing is a fun and dizzying social activity, where all climbers get a chance to set personal records.  It’s an adrenalin fuelled adventure which will test your balance and climbing skills.  You can compete as a team or individually.  Whoever can stack the most boxes, is crowned the box climbing champion!

We will hand out lemonade crates to the climbers. The goal of box climbing is to build a tower as high as possible using the boxes, whilst standing on top of the tower.  Box climbing is completely safe. If the tower happens to fall, the climber will be hanging on the safety rope.  The climb is monitored and aided by an instructor.  The record for box climbing at the Taevaskoja Holiday Centre is 17 boxes. Come and see whether you can break this record!


How much does box climbing cost?

The price of box climbing is 12€ for adults and 10€ for students. The price includes instruction, climbing equipment, lemonade boxes and security from the ground.

Minimum group size is 10 people. For groups of 35 people and more we offer very tempting discounts!

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