How is the adventure game played?

The game is played in groups and in each checkpoint the team will find a task that they must solve together on the territory of the Taevaskoja Holiday Centre. The game is closely monitored by game leaders who will also be evaluating the teamwork of group.  The checkpoints have overall score were we will also watch quality of task solving and the ingenuity of ideas.  At each checkpoint the participants are greeted by various missions and activities, which will test your skills and creativity and the ability to solve tasks as a team.


Solving problems in teams will develop the member’s teamwork skills, consideration towards others and communication.  The game will help people get to know each other better, it will develop bonds between people and is a good icebreaker for strangers.  The game will help to determine the best leader, the most creative problem solver, the best communicator or the one with real calm mind. Tasks that you have come up with yourself, that are relevant to your enterprise or programme, can be incorporated to the adventure game.

Whois the adventure game for and what is the price?


The game is suitable for both adults and children from 10 years of age. At least 10 participants are needed for the game. The price for the game is 23€ for adults and 15€ for students. The price includes the game, which is managed by game leader, instructions and an analysis of your team members’ skills.

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