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The kickbike trip sets off from the Taevaskoja Holiday Centre. The participants will be given their bikes, safety helmets and thoroughly instructed.  After which you will head off towards the Ahja river valley nature reserve.  You will pass several interesting sights and some thrilling descents as well.

Unlike riding a bicycle, a kickbike puts no pressure on the back, because you are standing up whilst riding.  It is advised you switch legs after every 3-10 kicks. That makes the ride less tiring. We offer two different routes for kickbike trips.

1. Kickbike trip along the trails of the Last Relic (Viimne Reliikvia) movie

You will visit the filming locations of the Last Relic movie in the Ahja River valley nature reserve, the Suur and Väike Taevaskoda and various other beautiful places. Along the route the trip guide will tell you interesting stories about wildlife and what makes the Taevaskojad (Heaven’s Halls) so special.  With any luck you will encounter interesting birds and animal trails on the route.


The kickbike is very easy to master. The pace for the trip is very relaxed and breaks will be held every 10-15 minutes. The route is a total of 8 kilometres long and takes approximately two hours.  The kickbike trip on the routes of the Last Relic movie is suitable for children from nine years of age.  Unfortunately the kickbike is simply too big for younger children.  However, they are very welcome to join the trip on their own bicycles.

The price of a kickbike trip is 25€ for an adult and 20€ for students.

2. An extreme kickbike ride in Taevaskoja


The trail runs along the scenic Saesaare artificial lake.  What adds excitement to the trip are the extreme descents, but you do not necessarily need to go down them on your bike.  Along the way you will pass the Kimera medieval valley, the Suur and Väike Taevaskoda, Saesaare artificial lake and the sandstone cliffs along its banks, the Kiidjärve water mill and Nature Centre.  You will also pass several sites of wildlife activities (beaver trails, mud baths for wild boars).
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The pace for the trip is relaxed – we will enjoy the nature and listen to the tour guide’s fascinating tales about the Taevaskojad.  The route is a total of 15 kilometres long and takes approximately three to four hours. The trip is suitable for children from 13 years of age.




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